Prudence Tyler


Owner & Coach.

Prudence Tyler is an Owner and Coach at The Strength Coach. Prudence decided in July 2020 to leave her career Financial Planning after 10 years and pursue her passion in the fitness industry.

Prudence is now an accredited ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 8 years of experience in bodybuilding. Prudence first stepped on stage in 2013 and since then has competed in 20 bikini competitions. Prudence has placed top 5 in all 20 of her competitions and top 3 in 17 of her competitions.

Prudence’s passion lies in being able to work with athletes preparing to get on stage and compete. She has extensive experience in understanding what it takes mentally and physically and also how rewarding the whole journey to stage can be.

Prudence also offers online and in person posing lessons for bikini competitors and works with general population/lifestyle clients to help them achieve their goals.

Our Services


From body transformation goals, building strength, nutrition plans or improving overall training, we can offer various coaching solutions.

Personal Training

We understand everyone comes from a vast array of experience to no experience at all in the gym so we make sure we keep the process as simple as possible.


Powerlifting has become a well renowned international sport which our team of athletes, some of which have state and national records, are extermely passionate about.

Once-off Plans

Head coach Jay Tyler has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and understands what is required to become a high performmance coach.