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Posing Is An Artform!

Whether you are new the the stage, a seasoned pro. Our men and women’s posing coaches will take your posing to a whole new level.

Our posing coaching teaches you the physical poses and stances to meet your specific competition requirements as well as work on sequence flow, confidence and stage presence. Learn to accurately position your body plus isolate and flex the key muscle groups to best showcase your gains and flatter your physique.

Ready To Showcase Your Hard Work?

IFBB posing coach Prudence Tyler
posing coach bodybuilding with Paul Spanjol

Competition Posing

After putting in the hard work to sculpt and build your body, learning to present it with confidence and precision makes for the perfect wrap up to your stage competition preparation.

Catering to both men and women and a wide range of local, interstate, international stage competitions plus online bodybuilding / bodysculpt comps, our coaching is delivered virtually and one-on-one to suit your individual needs.

Get Competition Ready!

Bikini / Fitness Model Comp Posing

Led by Prudence Tyler, our Bikini / fitness model posing coaching is ideal if you’re looking to enter into INBA, ICN, IFBB Elite, ANB or AWNBS Bikini stage competitions.

Delivered predominantly online, you’ll learn all of the mandatory poses, quarter turns and model walk as required by the women’s division/s you’re entering.

As a highly experienced bikini model and stage competitor herself, Prudence combines muscle isolation, body awareness, posture, stage presence plus competition prep and presentation to ensure you enter your competition with maximum confidence and skill.

When combined with any of our online coaching or 1:1 nutritional coaching packages, you’ll be ready and poised to impress the judges.

Are You Ready To Pose With Prudence?

Bodybuilding Competition Posing

Regardless of your bodybuilding competition experience, here at The Strength Coach, we offer you the customised, 1:1 competition posing program to help you succeed!

Available for both men and women, bodybuilding is all about enhancing and showcasing your “Total Package” – proportions, symmetry and muscularity. We’ll teach you the mandatory poses, focusing on any weaknesses you may have in your muscle isolation and control.

As a general rule, we’ll cover:

Front Lat Spread
Front Double Biceps
Side Chest
Rear Lat Spread
Rear Double Biceps
Side Triceps
Abdominals & Thigh
Most Muscular

Depending on your competition requirements, we can also cover specialty poses like Vacuum Pose, Classic Pose, The Model Walk,quarter turns and posing routine, focusing on whatever the judges are looking for in your division.

To Learn More About How The DIfferent Divisions are Judged, Watch this video by Barbend

bikini posing coach online

Posing Coaching Delivery

All of our posing coaching is delivered online by our qualified and highly experienced posing coaches Prudence Tyler and Paul Spanjol.

We use a combination of the following platforms to effectively and efficiently deliver your 100% customised posing coaching plan and training.

Phone / Zoom
Google Drive
Private Facebook Group
Google Forms

Our Posing Coaches Because Experience Counts!

Nailing all your poses can be the difference between winning and losing when it comes to bodybuilding, bikini and figure stage competitions. That’s why, here at The Strength Coach, we have two of the best posing coaches a guy or gal could ever wish for.

Prudence Tyler - bikini posing coach

Prudence Tyler

With close to a decade of experience in competing on stage in the bikini division, Prudence is poised to take your posing and stage presentation to the next level. Boasting several INBA and IFBB top 3 and Prudence specialises in IFBB Pro League Bikini posing PLUS assists her clients looking to compete in INBA, ICN, IFBB Elite, ANB and AWNBS Bikini competitions.

Paul Spanjol - bodybuilding posing coach

Paul Spanjol

A true natural PRO bodybuilder, Paul’s bodybuilding competition experience spans over 17 years having turned pro in 2017. Available for male posing lessons, some of Paul’s accomplishments include; 4 x INBA champion titles, an ANB Champion title, significant PNBA placings, and a ICN Champion title.

Posing Coach Pricing

Prudence Tyler – $85 for 45 minute posing session

Paul Spanjol – $60 for 45 minute posing session

* All Prices Include GST

* Discounts available when combined with a TSC 1:1 Coaching or Nutrition Package

Bikini posing coach and training

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