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Welcome to The Strength Coach!

Where LEANER. FASTER. STRONGER. Bodies Are Made!

Take your training, competition prep and nutrition to the next level with a fully customised and personalised online coaching program, designed just for you. From the general population, lifestyle clients, beginners to intermediate and seasoned competitors and athletes, we have the training option that’ll get you results.

The Strength Coach Australia

Ready For Results?

Strength & Conditioning / Personal Training For Bikini & Figure Models | Powerlifters | Bodybuilders | Boxers

Whether you’re aiming to perform in top-level bodybuilding comps, compete in powerlifting, sculpt a bikini body or effectively shred excess weight, we cater to all levels from novice to elite athlete and regular competitor through to the greater population and those who prioritise regular strength and conditioning as part of their ongoing lifestyle.

100% customised to you, our online one-on-one personal training, and strength and conditioning packages are 100% focused on getting you results.

Where Body Goals Are Achieved

Contest Prep Coaching and Strength Coaching

Contest Prep Coaching

Preparing for any stage of competition, powerlifting meet or boxing match takes planning, time and accurate execution.

From your personalised cardio and strength training protocol to your macro split, our 16-Week Contest Prep Coaching will have you ready and pumped to compete.

Ideal for those competing in novice through to elite levels of bikini & figure model comps, bodybuilding competitions, powerlifting and boxing.

Ready To Win Your Next Local, State or National Comp?

Posing Coaching - Men & Women’s

For Professional Models | Bikini & Figure Models | Bodybuilding Competitors

Feel confident and master the art of stage presence by learning how to accurately position your body and isolate key muscle groups. We’re here to help you best showcase your gains and flatter your figure on stage and on camera.

Our posing coaching will teach you the right poses as well as work on your posing routine to meet your specific stage competition or modeling requirements.

Get Stage / Camera Ready

Men & Women’s Posing Coaching Brisbane

Once-Off Nutrition & Training Plans

Sometimes a nudge in the right direction is all we need to get on track.

For those new to The Strength Coach, we offer on-demand, once-off training plans and nutritional meal plans customised to suit.

This is a great option if you consider yourself pretty self-motivated and disciplined, or simply wish to “sample” the benefits of working with our highly experienced coaches.

Once Off Training Plans & Nutrition Plans

Once-Off Nutrition & Strength Coaching Plans
Business Mentorship for Personal Trainers
The Coach's Coach

Lifestyle Coaching Programs Lose Weight | Build Muscle | Improve Your Health

Whether you are brand new to the gym scene or come with years of experience, The Strength Coach is here to support you even if powerlifting or bodybuilding are not your thing.

Offering more of a Lifestyle Coaching approach, you’ll receive a fully customised program that’s focused on helping get you back on track and working towards your health, fitness and dream body goals.

Easy to follow Training & Nutrition Plans

From Just $65 Per Week

The Strength Coach App

COMING SOON – Mid 2022

Later this year, you’ll be able to conveniently access and enjoy our professionally designed training plans via The Strength Coach App. 

Here are just some of the exciting fitness and strength programs you can expect:

Boxing: The Ultimate Boxer
Bikini: The Booty Program
Bikini: The Bikini Girl
Bodybuilding: Big Wheels
Bodybuilding: The Bro Split
Bodybuilding: The 5 Day Split
Men's Physique: The Physique
Powerlifting: Raw Strength
Powerlifting: Heavy Duty

Coming Soon

Offering you our more affordable training program options, The Strength Coach App will be available on both Android and Apple across Australia and Worldwide.

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Meet Your Coaches

Owner/ Head Coach / Strength & Conditioning / Sports Nutritionist

Jay Tyler

Owner/ Head Coach / Strength & Conditioning / Sports Nutritionist
Owner / Posing Coach / Sports Nutritionist

Prudence Tyler

Owner / Posing Coach / Sports Nutritionist
Posing Coach / Strength & Conditioning / Sports Nutritionist

Paul Spanjol

Posing Coach / Strength & Conditioning / Sports Nutritionist
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