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Coaching / Services Face To Face + Online Coaching Options Available

Whether you are brand new to the gym scene or come with years of experience, The Strength Coach offers professional support at every stage. We cover all aspects including face to face and online personal training for Brisbane locals to online strength training programs and nutritional plans and posing coaching. We create a unique program that’s unique to you and your individual health, fitness and physique objectives whether that be to simply lose weight, build muscle and improve your overall health through to competing in powerlifting, boxing or on stage as a bodybuilder.

Lifestyle Coaching for
Weight loss, Muscle Gain, Confidence & Overall Health

Face To Face
Personal Training
Brisbane | Gold Coast

Online Strength & Conditioning Training Programs & Nutritional Coaching

Contest Prep
Coaching for Bodybuilding

Posing Coach
For Men & Women

Once-Off Nutrition
& Training Plans


Once Off & Ongoing Coaching Packages

Our range of coaching plans are all delivered online by our experienced personal trainers and coaches to suit your requirements. You’ll have access to our whole range, including strength and conditioning coaching, custom training programs, competition prep coaching, posing coaching and nutritional plans.

Now available World Wide, we offer fully customised and personalised online powerlifting programs, bodybuilding training regimes, competition prep coaching, posing coaching and nutritional plans to everyone from beginner to seasoned competitor / athlete.

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coach Brisbane

Goal Focused Training Plans

Every 1:1 coaching experience with The Strength Coach is 100% customised to your specific weight loss, strength and performance goals. Whether you’re new to training and nutritional awareness or looking to reach that level of peak performance you’re striving to achieve – we’ll support you on that journey!

Your Body Sculpting Journey Starts Now

Personal Training, Coaching & Program Delivery

As part of all of our training plans, competition prep and nutrition coaching programs, we leverage the power of technology to help keep you accountable, on track and fully geared up to achieve your goals.

Phone / Zoom

For our initial consultation & check-ins


Free to download, we use Whatsapp as our go-to messaging platform

Calorie Tracking App

We recommend the Diet Diary App

Google Forms

From our Pre-screen form to our online check-ins, we leverage this easy to use online form software

Google Drive

We utlise both Google Docs and Google Sheets to deliver your custom training / nutrition plans

Private Facebook Group

This is the place for regular coach updates and encouragement from The Strength Coach family


To make things easy, your Setup plus Calorie & Macros Guides will be provided in easy to download & read PDF format


Several of our programs offer technique analysis. Film yourself so that we can guide you through perfecting your form and getting the most out of your online coaching

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