Prudence Tyler



Prudence’s best achievements to date: Overall winner at the QLD show in 2018 in a line-up of 30+ bikini competitors & competing in a national bikini overall competition for a pro-card at the New Zealand show in 2018. 17 top 3 placings out of 20 competitions.

Age: 29
Sport: IFBB Pro League Bikini Competitor
Competitions, dates, wins, achievements:

  1. INBA Bikini 2013 – 1st Place
  2. IFBB FitX Australian Grand Prix 2014 – 1st Bikini Junior
  3. IFBB QLD 2014 – 2nd Bikini Open Tall
  4. IFBB Australian Titles 2014 – 3rd Bikini Open Tall
  5. IFBB QLD 2015 – 1st Bikini Open
  6. IFBB Arnold Classic Australia 2015 – 4th Bikini Open 163cm
  7. IFBB QLD 2015 – 1st Bikini Open Short
  8. IFBB Australian Amateur Olympia 2015 – 3rd Bikini Open 163cm
  9. IFBB QLD 2017 – 1st Bikini Open Short
  10. IFBB Arnold Classic Australia 2017 – 3rd Bikini Open 163cm
  11. IFBB QLD 2018 – 1st Bikini Open & Overall Winner
  12. IFBB Arnold Classic Australia 2018 – 3rd Bikini Open 163cm
  13. IFBB New Zealand Pro AM 2018 – 1st Bikini Open Medium
  14. IFBB Fiji Pro AM 2018 – 2nd Bikini Open
  15. IFBB All Female Classic – Top 5 Callout Bikini Open Short
  16. IFBB World Regional Champs Singapore – 3rd Bikini Open Class C
  17. IFBB QLD 2020 – 1st Bikini Open Short
  18. IFBB Nationals 2020 – 4th Bikini Open Short
  19. IFBB QLD 2021 – 1st Bikini Open Short
  20. IFBB Nationals 2021 – 2nd Place Bikini Open B

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