Julia Falvey



Julia Falvey has been Powerlifting for 2 years and has climbed through the ranks in the 60kg weight class showing fierce commitment to the sport. Julia’s best lifts are 142.5kg Squat/77.5kg Bench/190.5kg Deadlift at 59kg.

Age: 37
Sport: Powerlifting – U60kg
Start: 25/11/2017

Pretty and Powerful 25/2/18: Place: 1st
Squat: 97.5/105/112.5 – Bench: 57.5/62/67.5 Miss – Deadlift: 125/135/142.5
TOTAL: 317.5kg

Novice Winter Warrior 15/7/18: Place: 1st
Squat: 120/127.5/132.5 – Bench: 62.5/65/67.5 – Deadlift:152.5/160/165
TOTAL: 360kg

GPC Showdown 22/7/18: Place: 1st
Squat:127.5/132.5/135 – Bench:65/70/75 – Deadlift:160/170/175
TOTAL: 385kg

PRO RAW XI: Place: 9th
Squat:137.5/142.5 – 145 Miss – Bench:70/72.5/75 – Deadlift:170/175/177.5 Miss
TOTAL: 392.5kg

GPC Push pull: Place: 1 st
Bench: 72.5/77.5/80 Miss – Deadlift: 175/180/185
TOTAL: 262.5

CAPO Night of the Deadlift: Place: 1 st
172.5/182.5/190.5 (Australian CAPO record)

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