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The Booty Program For Men and Women

Are You Ready To Build
Full Rounded Glutes?

A Glutes-Focused Gym Program
For Men & Women

The Booty Program

12 Week Training Program

Designed by and exclusive to The Strength Coach, The Booty Program Program is a 12 week, full glute-focused workout plan for both men and women. Get ready to shape and sculpt strong, full and rounded glutes.

Broken into three, four week training blocks, the intensity and the volume increases as the program, and your glutes, progress.

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Program Breakdown

The program includes a list of prescribed exercises for each day, for 4 days per week, specifically designed to build, lift, round-out and sculpt magnificent glutes, all while maintaining balance with one day dedicated to upper body strength and conditioning.

Glutes - 3 x Days Per Week
Upper Body - 1 x Day Per Week
Gym Program

The Booty Program is a GYM PROGRAM requiring access to several pieces of equipment including hip adductor, hip thrust, cable machines, machine reverse fly and smith machine.

With the program, each exercise includes a brief description, a technique / equipment usage video and a prescribed number of sets and reps to ensure results.

And finally, as with any online fitness program developed by The Strength Coach, a full Warm Up & Stretch Protocol is included, complete with technique video links.

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Program Delivery & Progress Tracking Sculpt Strong, Full and Rounded Glutes

As part of this you’ll be able to record and track your progress over the 12 weeks. You’ll be able to access this via The Strength Coach App or via our online delivered programs.

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Backed By Results

Created by experienced competitive bodybuilders Jay & Prudence Tyler, you can be confident that this program will deliver!

Jay Tyler

Owner/ Head Coach / Strength & Conditioning / Sports Nutritionist

Prudence Tyler

Owner / Posing Coach / Sports Nutritionist

For Glorious Glutes