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The Ultimate Boxer Training Program

For Peak Performance
You Need To Be Fully Fight Prepped!

Focused On Building Serious Strength & Speed

The Ultimate Boxer

12 Week Training Program

The aim of The Ultimate Boxer is to build strength and speed progressively over time, leading you into fight week fully prepped and at peak performance.

With designed cardio and rest periods, we’ve allowed for strength progression to occur without risking injury by trying to rush the process. It’s the ultimate boxing fitness training program.

Our full 12 week training program has been tested and proven to work, based on these three phases.

  1. Accumulation Phase
  2. Intensification Phrase
  3. Taper Phase

This unique program combines conditioning-focused  bodyweight exercises, through to strength building machine assisted exercises, running and sprints. Complete with a training calendar for ease of use.

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The Ultimate Boxer

Program Breakdown

This 6 day per week boxing competition preparation program includes your full 12 weeks of prescribed exercises.

The Ultimate Boxer is a STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAM allowing you the flexibility of in-gym and outdoor exercise options. To complete the boxing program in full, you’ll require access to a mix of cardio machines (e.g. treadmill, rower, assault bike, ergo) as well as weights machines and equipment including dumbbells, cable machines and bench press.

Each exercise comes with a brief description, technique video along with your prescribed number of sets and reps for each.

6 Days Per Week Powerlift Program
Technique Videos
Strength & Conditioning Program

As with any online training program developed by The Strength Coach, The Ultimate Boxer comes with a full Warm Up & Stretch Protocol, complete with technique video links.

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Jay Tyler Brisbane Personal Traininer

Program Delivery & Progress Tracking Body Building 'Bro' Style

As part of this exclusive online boxing program, you can record and track your progress week on week. You’ll be able to access this via The Strength Coach App or via our online delivered programs.

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Backed By Results


Specifically designed by strength & conditioning coach Jay Tyler, you can be confident that this program will work.

Get Fighting Fit In Just 12 Weeks

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