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Raw Strength Powerlift Program

Get Meet Ready And
Exponentially Increase Your Strength!

#1 Of The Best Powerlifting Programs
You’ll Find Online

Raw Strength

12 Week Training Program

Getting Bigger and Stronger is what Raw Strength is all about. A specifically designed 12 week full body powerlifting program, Raw Strength is ideal for men and women looking to peak for an upcoming powerlifting competition / meet or increase your 1RM.

Broken down into three, four week training blocks, each training block builds on the last, gradually increasing intensity and specificity to peak you perfectly into competition.

  1. Accumulation Phase,
  2. Intensification Phase and
  3. Peaking Phase.

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Raw Strength Online Powerlift Program

Program Breakdown

Designed and battle tested to increase your 1RM MAX over all three lifts, this 4 day a week powerlifting training program will put you to the test.

Raw Strength is a POWERLIFTING PROGRAM requiring access to specialised equipment including; bench press, barbell and Olympic sized plates.

Each prescribed exercise comes with a brief description, a technique / equipment usage video and a prescribed number of sets and reps to ensure progress and massive gains.

4 Days Per Week Powerlift Program
Powerlifting Technique Videos
Powerlifting Program

And finally, to prevent injury and aid in recovery, a full Warm Up & Stretch Protocol is included, complete with technique video links. We include this with any online powerlifting program developed by The Strength Coach.

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Jay Tyler Brisbane Personal Traininer

Program Delivery & Progress Tracking An Explosion Of Strength In Just 12 Weeks

As part of your Raw Strength investment, you’ll be able to record and track your progress over the full 12 weeks including volume %. You’ll be able to access this via The Strength Coach App or via our online delivered programs.

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Backed By Results


Crafted and extensively battled tested by experienced strength & conditioning coach Jay Tyler, you can be confident that our Raw Strength program will deliver!

It’s Like Having A Powerlifting Coach In Your Pocket

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