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Big Wheels Bodybuilding Program

Build Super Strong,
BIG Muscular Legs

A Big Program That Delivers
Big Juicy Wheels

Big Wheels

12 Week Training Program

Big Wheels is specially designed for someone that wants some big juicy wheels.

Totally focused on building super strong, muscular and BIG legs, Big Wheels is not for the faint of heart offering a FULL 12 week training program.

Broken down into three, four week training blocks, each training block builds on the last, gradually increasing intensity and volume to ensure significant progression.

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Big Wheels

Program Breakdown

This 4 day a week leg building training program is structured as follows.

  • Lower Body – 3 x Days Per Week
  • Upper Body – 1 x Day Per Week

Big Wheels is a GYM PROGRAM with a massive emphasis on leg and squat machines, deadlifts, glute activation exercises, you’ll also require access to cable machines, chin up bar and a wide selection of dumbbells.

To ensure perfect execution, and therefore maximum muscle growth, we’ve included a brief description, technique / equipment usage video along with your prescribed number of sets and reps for each exercise.

4 Days Per Week Powerlift Program
Technique Videos
Gym Program

As with any online strength and condition program developed by The Strength Coach, the Big Wheels 12 week training program also comes with a full Warm Up & Stretch Protocol, complete with technique video links.

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Jay Tyler Brisbane Personal Traininer

Program Delivery & Progress Tracking Sculpting Big Wheels Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

As part of your Big Wheels investment, you’ll be able to record and track your progress over the full 12 weeks including volume %. You’ll be able to access this via The Strength Coach App or via our online delivered programs.

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Backed By Results


Specifically designed by experienced strength & conditioning coach Jay Tyler, you can be confident that Big Wheels will deliver!

A Big Program To Build Big Wheels

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