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5day split

The Perfect Full Body Workout Program
To Achieve A Beautifully Balanced Physique

Made For Men & Women

The 5-Day Split

12 Week Training Program

For simplicity and balance, The 5 Day Split is ideal if you already train regularly and are looking to put on size and improve your body composition. Ideal for both men and women, it’s the perfect full body workout program.

This full 12 week training program is broken down into three, four week training blocks, with each block increasing in both volume and strength covering all the key muscle groups.

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The 5 Day Split

Program Breakdown

The 5 Day Split Program is a Bodybuilding Program focused on a physique based on symmetry and proportions.

The 5 Day Split is a GYM PROGRAM delivering on full body strength and conditioning. Targeting all of the key areas, you can expect everything from tricep push downs, cable chest fly, shoulder press and dips through to knee tucks, leg extension, split squats and hamstring curls. It is a true, all over bodybuilding program. 

Each exercise comes with a brief description, technique / equipment usage video along with your prescribed number of sets and reps for each.

5 Days Per Week Powerlift Program
Technique Videos
Gym Program

As with any online bodybuilding program developed by The Strength Coach, The 5 Day Split 12 week training program also comes with a full Warm Up & Stretch Protocol, complete with technique video links.

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Program Delivery & Progress Tracking Body Building 'Bro' Style

As part of your bodybuilding program, we’ve set it up so that you can record and track your progress. You’ll be able to access this via The Strength Coach App or via our online delivered programs.

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Backed By Results


Specifically designed by experienced strength & conditioning coach Jay Tyler, you can be confident that The 5 Day Split will deliver!

For a Beautifully Balanced Body

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