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This service includes both nutrition and training and provides clients with guidance, support, motivation and accountability. It is suitable for lifestyle clients, bodybuilding athletes in prep or in off-season, boxers preparing for a fight or powerlifters preparing for competition.

We provide our clients with meal plans along with calorie and macro-nutrient breakdown/targets. Meal plans are extremely beneficial in certain circumstances, but are not always practical long term which is why we like to teach our clients how to flexible diet by tracking calorie intake and macros (protein, carbs and fat). For nutrition planning purposes we get clients to track calories, macros, weight, steps, training/cardio sessions, water and how they are feeling daily. We also collect photos/videos and measurements at every check-in and use all of this data to program forward efficiently.

Training plans are provided in blocks that vary from week to week. Every session provides target sets, reps, intensity levels and total volume. We get our clients to track their weights for every session so we can understand how you are progressing each week and program forward accordingly. Training technique is extremely important which is why we offer our clients technique analysis via video. We want you to learn how to lift with correct form and increase strength overtime.

PRICING (including GST)

$90 per week

$100 per week (competition prep)

*The first 4 weeks are payable upfront prior to the development of your initial plans.

What's included?

  • Customised nutrition plan
  • Customised training plan
  • Check-ins and ongoing plan adjustments
  • Ongoing support via whatsApp
  • Video technique analysis
  • Tracking sheet monitoring
  • Access to our private Facebook group
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TSC Athletes.

Team TSC are made up of a mix of different athletes at different stages of their journey.

Full Service Coaching

Jacob Ng


Jacob is a 25 years old professional boxer who has been training with TSC since April 2019. The training has ...

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Full Service Coaching

Tysinn Best


Tysinn is currently 23 years of age and has been a client of Jay Tyler’s strength institution for ...

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Full Service Coaching

Prudence Tyler

Bikini Competitor

Prudence's best achievements to date: Overall winner at the QLD show in 2018 in a line-up of 30+ bikini competitors &...

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Full Service Coaching

Julia Falvey


Julia Falvey has been Powerlifting for 2 years and has climbed through the ranks in the 60kg weight class ...

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